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Building emotional ties between the readers and characters

Building emotional ties between the readers and characters will always cause the reader to remember the character. Let’s say, what if the character lost an arm while holding onto a stranger as she was falling from a train? After months and months of pain bitterness took over his life. He is continually asking himself, “Why did I try to help? If I didn’t help she would have died.” The character is in physical pain as well as mental pain. This has left the readers with all kinds of emotional thoughts: He really shouldn’t be so down on himself, after all he helped the lady. That lady should thank him every day of her life for saving her. In my mind he’s a hero. If I was in that situation, I would have done the same thing, but he lost an arm doing it. I feel so sorry for him. Oh my, the pain it caused. He could not do, with one arm, what he could do before. How is he going to manage his life? Why did this happen to such a good person?
So many thoughts are going through the readers mind when the character is suffering. This build such strong emotions that the reader will want to continue reading, to see if the character came to peace with his situation. Will he be strong and make it to the end or is his life over? The reader cares so much about the character, that they carried him through riding on their emotions.


“3 Things successful novel writers have done”

The first thing a successful novel writer will do is to manage his/her time wisely. Good time management is most important to a writer professional or beginner. Taking time to write a paragraph over and over. Until they feel that the reader will imagine it just as they do. This makes the reader hooked and want to keep reading.Leaving no information uncertain, the reader is saying, “I believe in you and your creation to entertain me in my spare time.”
They also take time to read books in the same genre that they wanted to write. It’s always interesting to learn how others develop a story from beginning to end. How other writers develop characters, dialogues, plots and scenes can help the new writer through the development of their own.
Then when all is done they let someone critique what they have written, and are open for good or bad criticism. Usually authors that have written several novels will be able to notice immediately what has gone wrong in the story. If you promised readers an exhaling love story, then through struggles, conflict or whatever obstacle ,your story should be leading toward a romantic wedding.

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