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10 ways to say “I DO” to Christmas

1. Visit relatives and friends to see what they like or what their needs are. It’s probably has been a long time since you’ve seen or heard from them. Suggest talking about the holidays plan for the Thanksgiving gathering, the meal and about pulling names for Christmas. This will help keep your budget low.
2. Start looking for gifts for your household. Search for sales of things you know will interest them. Getting some of the shopping out of the way will pay off in the end. Living with them will give you access to what they really need, instead of some gag gift they would never pay any attention to or use.
3. Search the internet for some good Christmas music to add to what you already have. New holiday music comes out every year, so be ready when visitors come over during the holidays. Music always makes the mood of the holiday’s fun. They make great sing-a-longs for gatherings.
4. Decide what you are going to wear to each Christmas party. Estimate how many by the past years. Work is where you always want to have the best Christmas theme going. Helping out at your kid’s deserves a nice Christmas sweater. Shopping needs those Christmas pull-overs to keep warm while going in and out of the stores and car.
5. Spend a couple of days getting the holiday menus together. When you plan all dishes it’s easy to buy spices and herbs before time so it won’t add to your budget during the holidays. Because most of the time ingredients are forgotten, at the last minute you’ll have to go on another store run. Standing in long lines during the holidays is a complete waste of time, when you need to be cooking the meal.
6. Get décor in order for the house. I know it’s a long time away, but you’ll be glad you did. Who knows after you visualize the look, you might need another big red bow to carry out the arrangement you want. Getting the décor ready for your Christmas party, especially if you are giving a party you will save a lot of head-aches on your special day.
7. Start shopping for all gifts you will need to mail out, so they will reach your loves one on time. Getting gifts after Christmas is not as exciting as it would be getting it days before. After these start to wrap gifts that will go under the tree, but put them on the top shelf in the closet until the tree is up.
8. Start getting wrapping paper, boxes and bags as soon as they are on the shelves, because the pretty ones do go fast. Also stock up on Christmas cards so they can be mailed out. Gift wrapping and filling out cards takes a lot of time so any spare minute you have would be a good time to get those done.
9. If the Thanksgiving gathering is not at your house this a good time to start decorating. No one can complain about that you put up décor before Thanksgiving was over. While the turkey is in the oven at least put up some garlands to make the rest go a little smoother. But don’t forget to put the tree up.
10. By now everything should be ready to go, so you’ll have time to walk through the mall and other stores for all the sales to get something for yourself. This is a perfect time to buy new winter clothes.


Old Town Toad

Back to school will last all year long,

so make sure they’re tending with the things

they are passionate about







Yee haw, I got the horses in the back, y’all.

Show off your cowboy swag with this,

“Can’t Nobody Tell Me Nothin'” cowboy design.

Perfect for cowboy

humor, western memes, and riding your horse

down that old town road!




This bunny’s gonna hop till they can’t hop no more.

Gonna take my carrots to the old town road,

can’t no-bunny tell me nothin!

Show your love for bunnies and Old Town

Road with this design!

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