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Unless You Receive

 When will Americans be able to receive each other? Life is not just about a political affiliation nor is it about who has the most stuff. I am so sure that God Planned for us to stand in the GAP for each other. When our brother or your sister needs prayer, we tend to go the other way. Is it that we think one will have more than the other or is it what God said just today, “They are not humble enough.” 

“The definition of humble is someone who knows they are not perfect. Humble means “modest; without an excess of pride.” A person who brags about being humble may have too much pride in being humble to actually be humble.

Humble people know their self-worth. As a result, they don’t feel the need to cast themselves before others just to show them how much they know. Instead, humble people realize that nobody cares how much they know until those people know how much they’re cared for. … Humility halts this arrogance and self-indulging trap.” (vocabulary .com)


Humble Quotes


  “Think, oh, grateful think! How good the God of Harvest is to you; Who pours abundance o’er your flowing fields, While those unhappy partners of your kind Wide-hover round you, like the fowls of heaven, And ask their humble dole.”

James Thomson  (yourdictionary.com)


        “When we exclude part of the community, we deny ourselves the participation and contribution of those left out. We allow the possibility of conflict in some future time, neither scenario we can afford. Everyone, irrespective of ethnicity, has a contribution to make no matter how humble or small.” Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi

Unless You Receive

How can you behold the beauty of the sky, that appears in your eye, unless you receive?

How can you handle the joy, that God has promised, and stop feeling blue unless you receive?

How can you care about all the things others have to share unless you receive it?

How can you cherish our love, unless we fit like hand and glove unless you receive it?

It is in God that we live because He is so willing to give. ALL WE CAN RECEIVE.

Ida Hamner


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