360 Calorie Lunch

360 Calorie Lunch
Yum, this was good. If you want a low calorie lunch, that fills you just like a warm comfort food, this is it!

½ cup left-over mac-n-cheese = 215 cal.
Put in a microwaveable bowl.
2 slices of oven roasted white turkey lunch meat – 35 calories per slice = 70 cal.
Roll the 2 slices of turkey, and then cut into strips over the mac-n-cheese.
½ fresh medium tomato = 20 cal.
Dice tomato, drop cubes evenly over turkey.
1 tablespoon ranch dressing = 55 cal.
Top other ingredients and then put in microwave for 1 minute.
You may add anything you wish, because it’s your lunch, but don’t forget to count the calories.


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