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Your time at home can be very rewarding or it can mean up to a few numbers up on your scale. Watching your weight while around the house can be very strategic, so often we will go for whatever we can get our hands on very quick. Watching the calories in what we eat should be with purpose. The purpose of staying healthy by keeping our weight down, and the only way this can be done is by watching what we eat.

Only when we have fear of gaining weight, the confidence of doing something about it comes. But it’s really about the fight we began when we start to take control of our health. Taking control of our health is done one step at a time.

This how I started: By eating smaller portions of not so healthy snack foods with a big portion of food that is healthy.

Here is something you may want to try:  take 2 red delicious apples 70 calories = 140 calories, peel them or if you prefer the skins, put them in a blender, then get about 4 large marshmallows- the white soft candy, 100 calories, cut them up,  put in the blender, then blend.

Put it in your favorite bowl, then drink water, it helps to fill you up and here you have a nutritious snack that is filling. You could just eat the one apple and marshmallows bite by bite, but the secret is eating enough to fill you up, so you will need two apples. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.


Love Ya, Ida


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