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Everybody has a hobby

When someone does not have a hobby, they are described as boring or less ambitious. But in reality everybody has a hobby.  To find this in every person look at the things about them that you compliment on.  You might look at a woman’s fingernails, then compliment her on the designs she has on them.  She may reply with a thank you and tell you that she puts a different design on them every week. She may not call it a hobby, but maybe she thinks it’s just something she likes to do and things you like to do are called hobbies. A person may like to watch movies or TV shows, that’s their favorite hobby. Just think about sports fans. Being around them tells you when it’s the season for their favorite sport, because it has become a hobby for them to support their favorite team.  My mother loves to take care of flowers. She has a green thumb and always keeps them alive, that is truly her hobby. She also likes gardening because she grew up on a farm. She loves when planting season comes, that means she’ll find someone to till (break up the dirt) in her garden area so she can plant on time.

My favorite hobbies are writing, painting and designing. I started writing in high school when in my English class we had to memorize a poem every week. I kind of liked the flow of poetry so for a while all I did in my early adulthood was to write poetry. Then I started taking classes in creative writing. It lasted a while. I don’t know where I lost interest. But I think it was when I had to work dead end jobs to make ends meet. I had no time for it. Because I was always tired after work, I had work at work and work at home. But that’s life and what I made of it.

Now that I have gotten into painting, it has become my favorite, because even if I’m tired I can splash some paint on a canvas. Nobody can judge because it’s what I wanted to do and it’s just a hobby. If you are struggling to find a hobby, start trying things you have an interest in or try my favorite painting.

Painting relieves stress, promotes mental wellness, and gives the satisfaction of creating something yourself, that will add to the decor of your home or become a great gift for someone else.


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