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J.CREW Polka Bracelet by J.Crew

J.CREW Polka Bracelet by J.Crew

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How To Recognize Depression In Older People — Happy Mentality

Anyone can experience depression. It does not discriminate. So this week I am taking a look at how depression can affect older people, and people who may be more vulnerable in society. How many times have you thought seriously about the elderly people in your lives’ mental health? Probably not all that often. In fact, […]

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360 Calorie Lunch

360 Calorie Lunch
Yum, this was good. If you want a low calorie lunch, that fills you just like a warm comfort food, this is it!

½ cup left-over mac-n-cheese = 215 cal.
Put in a microwaveable bowl.
2 slices of oven roasted white turkey lunch meat – 35 calories per slice = 70 cal.
Roll the 2 slices of turkey, and then cut into strips over the mac-n-cheese.
½ fresh medium tomato = 20 cal.
Dice tomato, drop cubes evenly over turkey.
1 tablespoon ranch dressing = 55 cal.
Top other ingredients and then put in microwave for 1 minute.
You may add anything you wish, because it’s your lunch, but don’t forget to count the calories.

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