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Gods’ Architecture

No need to be depressed
HE made everything!

Minimum Wage $10.10

Minimum Wage $10.10
Really, is this enough or should we just try to take care of a household with this. To me this just a start of another headache trying to figure out what bill gets paid and which one waits until the next paycheck. Knowing that the next paycheck will not be enough your life goes into a loop. Some households have single parents, with the law of state and federal minimum wage, what if and or buts do you have?


What is your most fearful moment?

Well, my most fearful moment is grocery shopping, yes grocery shopping. I don’t promote fear because I’m a Christian just so you’ll know God didn’t give me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

Entering most grocery stores the produce department is first. Looking right at this large amount of different kinds of white potatoes, I had to pick a bag that could make baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, and then French fries for five at three different meals. A bag of Granny Smith apples, these will help me bring a little flavor to my tuna salad and tossed salads, a six pack of tomatoes, that will go good in salads and on hamburgers, green bell peppers they have a lot of good flavor, and 4 kiwi fruit. After Produce the whole store awaits my decisions only to get to the scariest part, the check-out counter. $216.76 this is the scary part.
What is your most fearful moment?

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