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Instrumental by James Rhodes

mercurial vicissitudes

Instrumental by James Rhodes“So I looked for distractions.  I looked for a way out that didn’t involve homicide or suicide.  And all roads led to music.  They always do.”

Two years ago, just a couple of months after being discharged from a mental health unit, I sat in front of the TV and watched a man take a Steinway into a psychiatric hospital.  I listened as he talked about his own experiences of mental illness, about how classical music saved his life and then he played a piece by Rachmaninov (his Prelude in c sharp minor, if you are interested) and my brain stopped for the first time  in months.  I had been unable to read a book or follow a TV show, I couldn’t breathe without an overwhelming sense of anxiety and then suddenly I experienced this moment of peace and that’s when I fell into the world of classical music.

Here’s the thing about classical music…

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